Hodge Railcar Services
1219 Elm Street
Hodge, LA 71247

Hodge Railcar Services

Nestled in the Northern Pines of Louisiana, Hodge Railcar Services is perfectly located to provide your business a home base for trans-loading, cleaning, maintenance, staging and storage facility for any rail fleet up to 100 cars.

Acquired in late 2016, the Tauber Oil-owned facility is ready to provide service to any Hazardous or Non-Hazardous rail asset operating in or near Northern Louisiana. Hodge, LA is located 75 miles SE of Shreveport, LA on the Louisiana Southern Railway (LAS), Hodge offers a premier location to stage your railcar operations.

Hodge Railcar’s fully fenced and secured facility sits on a 13 acre property with nearly 7,000 feet of track. Of the 10 sections of track on site at Hodge Railcar, 6 tracks lead directly into the 24,000 sq ft warehouse complete with 3 dedicated maintenance service pits.

Hodge Railcar can work with clients in need of any service, from hopper, gondola and tank car storage and warehousing, to railcar maintenance and cleaning.

    • Hodge Railcar is ready to grow with its clients – With 13 acres of property and 24,000 square feet of warehousing, Hodge Railcar is capable of expanding quickly as its clients’ needs also expand.
    • Hodge Railcar has several Class 1 connections – Hodge has immediate access to Class 1 lines through Shreveport, LA via the Kansas City Southern (KCS). This includes connections to the Burlington Northern (BNSF) and Union Pacific (UP) that operate all over the continental United States. This level of access affords Hodge clients with streamlined freight access to the fastest and most efficient rail lines in the country. By Late 2018, the LAS main line will be improved to Class 1 standard. These infrastructure improvements will help to increase train speeds and hazardous transportation capabilities further improving its clients’ access to upgraded rail lines. Future improvements are slated for upgrading bridges to handle 286,000 lb rated cars.
    • Hodge Railcar is partnered with LAS for easier car handling – There is no need for a track mobile when stationing railcars at Hodge Railcar’s facility. Louisiana Southern Railroad (LAS) serves the facility, providing moves in and out of the facility as needed. LAS’s experience in this area ensures the process is done safely and efficiently.
    • Hodge Railcar has a strong working relationship with Watco – Watco is the owner of the LAS series of short lines that encompass nearly 200 miles of track. The line branches out from Shreveport to Sibley, and then from Gibsland to Pineville. At these terminus points, the LAS provides a Class 1 connection. Hodge Railcar’s strong working relationship with Watco guarantees steady access to nearby Interconnecting class 1 RR’s.
    • Hodge Railcar also has a strong working relationship with the local community – Hodge Railcar maintains compliance with all local and state regulations and ordinances, so clients know that they are working with a reputable facility.

The choice is clear: Hodge Railcar Services stands alone as the premier railcar location to stage your operations.

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