J. Scott Podsednik


Scott Podsednik joined Tauber Oil Company/Tauber Petrochemical Co. in May of 1990 in the Petrochemical operations group.  In March of 1992, he was promoted to Vice President of Petrochemicals where his focus was trading gasoline blend components.  In 1995, Scott’s prime responsibility moved to the trading/marketing of all bulk aromatics and gasoline blend stocks, both domestically and internationally, for Tauber Petrochemical Co.

Prior to his tenure at Tauber Oil Company/Tauber Petrochemical Company, Scott worked in the refined products operations and blending areas of The Coastal Corporation and its subsidiary Belcher Oil Company of Miami.

Scott holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southwest Texas State University, received in 1987, with an emphasis on Marketing and Economics. He currently serves as a member of the AFPM (formerly NPRA), Southwest Chemical Association, and the Northeast Chemical Association.