Our Unique Approach

Interconn was founded in 1997 and has grown into one of the most successful gas marketing companies in the nation, not only surviving but thriving during the days of $15 gas, the Enron debacle and countless supply and pipeline constraints. Our reputation with customers and suppliers means everything to us, and we don’t take our success for granted. We understand we must earn our customers’ confidence and trust every day. And though we have expanded our menu of services, we have not strayed from our core mission of providing consistently great customer service.

Following Interconn’s merger with the gas division of Tauber Oil Company in 2012, Interconn Resources, LLC combines the financial strength of Tauber Oil with the natural gas marketing experience of Interconn. Both companies have a rich history of success, have been private independent companies since their inception and, most importantly, thrive in a corporate culture focused on customer service. Competitively priced sales and consistently great customer service continue to be the mission of Interconn.

“We must never forget what drives our business ─ the customer.”

─ Kevin R. Stump – President and CEO

Customer Service Is Key

Interconn was founded on the core belief that customers want quality, personalized service provided by proven industry professionals. Using that belief as our foundation, we have assembled an executive team that encompasses over 220 years of combined industry experience in the variety of natural gas services we provide. The company has little turnover, as evidenced by the combined 100 years of employee loyalty to Interconn. But most importantly, we have a team of individuals that understands the priority of customer service in their daily work. We pride ourselves in creating products and services that our customers find simple to use and beneficial to their decision-making process. For example, all customers upon request receive a weekly Market Insight report sent every Sunday evening. Delivery before the work week starts ensures that timely information is available to all customers first thing Monday morning. Our focus on customer satisfaction is why Interconn was recognized by Mastio and Company as one of the top three companies in customer service out of 32 regional marketers, and why Owens Corning in 2014 recognized Interconn as one of only seven suppliers worldwide to receive its prestigious service award, the first in its history for a natural gas marketing company. Our customer retention rate, a metric closely followed by our team, is consistently above 99 percent. We invite you to read our Customer Service Pledge to learn more about what you should expect from us.

Our Growth Strategy

We continue to experience a growing market for our services and the merger with Tauber provides us an opportunity to leverage financial resources and relationships to capitalize on new growth opportunities while maintaining our reputation for consistently great customer service. We are proactive and move promptly but prudently when evaluating opportunities. Our objective is to continue to grow organically in our area of expertise while pursuing strategic partnerships to increase our business with markets that appreciate consistently great customer service.