“I am very pleased with my decision to switch marketers, and not simply because I believe that the change was cost-effective. The reassurance I have now is because of the outstanding communications that I receive with Interconn. They all work together as a team to ensure that every call or email is answered timely. During the unusually cold weather this season…the team at Interconn always ensured that we had the supply we needed to avoid shutdowns. Florida’s Natural Growers is looking forward to a long relationship with Interconn Resources. It’s great to return to this level of customer service.”
─ Engineering Coordinator | Florida’s Natural Growers

“Interconn Resources…supplies approximately 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year to the Sylacauga Utilities Board and, as our agent, manages all of our pipeline storage and transportation capacity. Interconn’s service has always exceeded our expectation. They are personable, accessible at all times, and prompt to respond to any inquiry. We would highly recommend Interconn.”
─ General Manager | Sylacauga Utilities Board

“During a plant energy review with the Owens Corning Jacksonville plant, leadership happened to mention how very pleased they were with their supplier, Interconn Resources. Months later, when it came time to source gas supply for Owens Corning’s three Georgia facilities, that positive sentiment carried enough weight to earn Interconn Resources that business as well. The award to Interconn took Owens Corning from its incumbent supplier of 20-plus years. Interconn Resources has proven to be a company of integrity ─ a reliable, flexible and transparent energy supplier that Owens Corning considers to be one of the best.”
─ Energy Sourcing Leader | Owens Corning