Because our customers represent a broad base of industries with a wide range of requirements, Interconn works diligently to provide each customer with competitively priced supply, transportation and storage services, customized according to their individual needs.

Asset Management

Storage and Pipeline Capacity Optimization

Acting as agent for customers who hold pipeline storage and transportation assets, Interconn uses its extensive knowledge, experience and contacts to maximize the value of those assets.

Alternate Fuels

Interconn provides propane fuel to those customers who choose to switch fuels when it is economical. Interconn also has extensive experience in providing economic analyses for the installation of backup fuel systems and can provide assistance and off-budget financing when requested.


Scheduling, Nominating and Balancing

Interconn can efficiently handle any and all operations work necessary to receive and deliver your gas. Our operations personnel are trained on several pipelines and local distribution companies, and have established working relationships with all of them. Operations include scheduling and daily balancing of supply receipts and deliveries.

Pipeline Monitoring

Interconn is connected to several pipeline electronic bulletin boards, which provide up-to-date information about the status of proposed rate changes as well as operational conditions. Our personnel can assess the likelihood of operational flow orders and notify customers immediately when orders are issued. System receipt and delivery balances, as well as storage levels, are also important variables used in evaluating customer options.


Purchase Strategies

Through numerous commodity and transportation pricing options, Interconn provides bundled service solutions to our customers. Interconn personnel assist in creating individualized purchase strategies by working with our customers to identify overall objectives and to select the best option that meets each customer’s individual risk profile.

Price Monitoring

When a customer calls, Interconn provides the most up-to-date pricing information for all pipelines on which it operates. The data Interconn provides is the most reliable commodity information available in the industry and allows Interconn to respond to pricing requests and execute customer orders promptly.

Producer Services

Assisting Producer Clients

Interconn uses its extensive market knowledge and relationships to ensure a fair and equitable price for its producer clients. Interconn services include expert advice on pipeline connection options, risk management, pricing and hedging options.