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Blending Components

Based on the ideas and principles of O. J. Tauber, Sr.

Tauber Oil Blending ComponentsOur group works together with refineries and producers to create a market for by-product/co-product streams and to help our partners access the highest valued markets. Our primary goal in this market is to generate an increase in the monetary value of these products through consolidation and distribution. Actively involved in both international and domestic markets, the Blending Components group utilizes a variety of agents and business partners to stay abreast of market conditions worldwide, to give our clients the best possible business solutions. We also work internally within the company to utilize the talents of our most valuable asset, our people, to provide the greatest return to our suppliers and customers. We believe that this corporate division directly relates to the ideas and principles that Mr. Tauber, Sr. used as the foundation for Tauber Oil Company.

Committed to long-term relationships

The Blending Components group is committed to the establishment of long-term relationships and creating win-win processing arrangements to provide value-added services for all parties involved. We focus on supplying customer requirements in a variety of areas of the petroleum barrel, and specialize in finding outlets for our inland clients in order for them to place their logistically challenged commodities. Our excellent logistics team members operate a very extensive rail and barge fleet to move product from the inland marketing regions to the more liquids Gulf Coast market regions. We gather, blend, and distribute out of tankage in Houston, Texas City, and on the Mississippi River.

At Tauber Oil Company, we take pride in the relationships that have been built over the years, and look forward to our relationship with you.

Our Components department markets the following products:

Gasoline Blending Components
  • FCCU Gasoline
  • Reformate
  • T-X Blend Stocks
  • Specialty Gasoline Blend Stocks
Distillate Components
  • Cycle Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel Blend Stocks
Refinery Components
  • Coker Gas Oils
  • Cutter Stocks
  • Extract Oils
  • TransMix Blends
  • Marine Diesel
  • Fuel Oils

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