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Public Relations

The function of the Public Relations Team at Tauber Oil Company is to assist our company’s greatest asset, our employees, with creating and maintaining a customer-focused organization. Our knowledgeable team is enthusiastic in responding to our most important stakeholders, our customers.

We feel the process of preserving long-standing relationships is based on good communication in those relationships.  In an age of computers, instant messaging, and mobile devices, our team’s priority is to remain committed to maintaining personal contact with our customers while building and fortifying trust and confidence – critical components of our business model.

Our Public Relations Team specializes in customer appreciation and communication through many vehicles, which include annual events, as well as various corporate customer outings and executive leadership meetings; all providing the opportunity for personal interaction with existing, new, and potential customers. Communication vehicles also include an inquiry system through our internet web page and an after-hours emergency paging system, offering our customers the ability to stay in touch with our team 24/7.

We want our customers to know we are here for them, and by doing so we are able to provide the excellent corporate care on which Tauber Oil Company has built a reputation for over 65 years.