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Business Development

Tauber Oil Company’s Business Development group explores strategic opportunities to serve new and existing clients requiring petroleum-based products and logistics services.

The Business Development group explores opportunities to provide products and services in markets or regions where Tauber Oil is both active and where the team could add value into new areas or regions of the petroleum industry.  Historically, Tauber Oil Company has considered many opportunities which have resulted in partnerships, joint ventures, and acquisition arrangements. Our strategy is to develop an overall enterprise in which both parties have a stake in the benefits, as well as the risks, from a mutually shared vision. We look for business models which will afford sustained and consistent returns on capital employed. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with like-minded business partners in order to develop and grow new operations or projects while providing first class service to new and existing customers.

The Business Development Group also seeks to make strategic investments in wholesale commodity marketing, transportation & logistics businesses. Additionally, we explore investments in energy-related infrastructure that are accretive to Tauber Oil’s existing operations.

Company Criteria

We principally target companies that are:

  • Small – Mid Sized (approximately $1 – $10 million in EBITDA)
  • Private
  • Commodity marketing/logistics related
  • Niche-focused
  • Competitively advantaged
  • Growing
  • Founder or family-owned and
  • Located in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama

We principally target companies that have:

  • Attractive financial characteristics
  • The potential to dominate their niche
  • Excellent management (or the capacity to attract excellent management)
  • A need for capital and
  • An interest in working with a helpful, active partner