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Risk Analyst

POSITION SUMMARY: The Middle Office (“Risk”) at Tauber Oil serves as the first line of defense for the organization as it relates to assessing our portfolio’s risk profile within the markets we operate. Ensuring that all trades are properly captured and valued within Rightangle allows for daily reporting of profit and loss changes, net positions, open positions, and other information. The group monitors and reports on our daily limits using reports directly generated from Rightangle, therefore ensuring compliance across both internal and external policies.

The following list of responsibilities, while not exclusive are set to assist the risk department in meeting the objectives of the team:

• Validate contracts for accuracy (check price formulas/volumes/conversions etc)
• Monitor position limits and report when limits are exceeded
• Prepare and review daily deals sheet
• Communicate when new products are traded
• Enter daily manual prices & exchange rates
• Report and monitor flat price position
• Report and monitor day-over-day P&L changes of designated department(s)
o Broken down between Curveshift, New Deals and Fees
• Monitor RightAngle transfers of designated department(s)
• Daily check in with Schedulers to ensure understanding of product flows
• Report current position/P&L to trader(s) to catch any abnormalities as a 2nd check

• Enter weekly prices
• Review incompletes report
• Enter monthly prices upon receipt
• Verify WACOG accuracy within RightAngle
• Provide monthly P&L on 7th WD (1-day after system close)
• Review monthly closing reports and take corrective action (as needed)
• Ensure Financial transactions are properly closed out before expiration
• Reconcile monthly P&L with Accounting for designated departments
• Ensure proper curve configuration for price curves
• Create/modify market and forward curves
• Identify system inefficiencies and rectify
• Research existing processes and amend as needed
• Mitigate cost lag (freight entered late etc)
• Automate manual price entry (via scripting or subscription feed)
• Update holiday and delivery period calendars
• Train other personnel on RightAngle best practices to assist with correcting MTM data

The objective of these responsibilities is to identify and assist the risk department with answering the following questions:
– Monitoring new contracts and ensuring timely entry into RightAngle
– Reviewing pricing formulas on deal entry and market valuations for accuracy
– Proper price service subscriptions for contract settlement are obtained
– Full trade economics are captured within RightAngle
– Day-over-day changes in position and P&L are properly reported
– Traders, Risk and Accounting are aligned with results
– Accounting to reconcile close results with risk using P&L attribution report

Tauber Oil Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Females, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled